Moto Impian : Sym Symphony Evo 250i

like all the maxiscoot maniac...
we waited sym to launch this gts in malaysia market from early this year..
this bike was first time introduce in a motor show in italy november last year..
and after nearly a year...this new model and design entered malaysian market with 2times expensive than the previous gts200...from the eleganeer forum we expect the price would not be to far than the RM9k of GTS 200..13k might be afordable...but after adding 50cc more...this model sells at RM16k...what a big money for a 250cc...but remeber SYM is not like the cheap taiwanese motor company like COmel and JRD,hehe....i think my dear sayang used to have a cheap taiwanese scooter...SYM is a big competitors for Gilera,Piaggio and Yamaha in European Scooter market...

the 1st time i knew this sym product was after seeing my lecturer used it with the bmw badge...i really thought it is a really BMW is bullshit...he just put a BMW sticker...BTW...the 1st maxisccot that on my interest was the Yamaha Majesty 250 which i saw in Roda-Roda around 1997...this is the begining of my interest on scooter...

the bike i used to have now..Modenas Elegan is actually a product of Sym...its original name is Joyride and in Taiwan this model came with various size of engine...from 125cc to 400cc...most Malaysian don't know that Modenas who claimed they are the national motorcycle manufacturer is only resembled a taiwanese model !!! another Malaysia Boleh.... sO what's the difference between Comel, JRD and Modenas??hmm...because Modenas and Naza was backboned by big local they can provide a better service and spareparts...Like MOdenas..their service center is availabled at all states...But Naza seems not too serious to sell their bikes as they might focus to their Kia Naza car production in Gurun. its hard to see naza's bike on the road..the popular one might be the Naza GTR..a rebadged model from CPI GTR..CPI is another taiwanese company...

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